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08.05.2012 -STUDY MATERIAL (4) - PAPER-I
A group of words that makes complete sense is called a sentence
There are four types of Sentences
1.Assertive or Declarative sentence
 A sentence that says or states something is called an assertive or declarative sentence.
Example:1.My mother is a doctor. 2.I like milk 3.I go to Bheeshma TET centre regularly.
 2.Interrogative Sentence:
A sentence that  asks question is called a question or an interrogative sentence.
Example:1. Who is your teacher? 2.Where are you from? 3. Are you happy here?
3.Imperative sentence
A sentence that expresses a command ,request or advice is called an imperative sentence.
Example:1.Be calm 2.Read well with full hope. 3.Please help me. 4.Do not waste water.
4.Exclamatory Sentence:
A sentence that expresses strong feeling is called an exclamatory Sentence
Example: 1.How beautiful my granny is! 2.What a splendid idea! 3.Alas! She met with an accident!

Homonyms can be subdivided into homographs and homophones
Homographs are words with same spelling and written in same way but gives different meanings. Example:lead-lead,rest-rest,Test-test,court-court
Homophones are words with similar pronunciation but different spelling Example:fare/fair,sight/site,our/hour,sent/scent,tire/tyre,wait/weight
A synonym is a similar word with the same meaning in the same language generally we use the symbol ’-‘ to represent the synonym.
Example : Talent-capacity ,Terminate-remove ,Act-perform, bold-fearless
An antonym is a word with opposite in its meaning. we use the symbol ’ × ‘ to represent the antonym.
Above×Below ,correct×incorrect,accept×reject

08.5.2012 -TEST-4 -PAPER-I

Find the type of sentence and mark from the given options(questions1-5)
A.Declarative B.Imperative C.Interrogative D.Exclamatory
1.I dislike crocodiles.
2.How charming Aishwarya rai is!
3.Whom are you going to vote for?
4.Help him.
5.Always speak truth.
 Select appropriate Punctuation marks to the sentences(6-10)
A). B)? C)! D)!.
6.Great that was really well done
7.Are you invited to the party
8.How are you
9.Switch off the fan
10.Wear clean clothes

11.Writing a letter to a bank manager is
A)Formal letter B)Personal letter C)Informal letter D)none

12.Salutation for formal letter
A)Dear B)Hello C)respected D)My dear
13.The types of letters are
A)one B)two C)three D)four
14.Letters are send through
A)mail B)e-mail C)gmail D)All the above
15.The Superscription for formal letters
A)yours truly B)yours sincerely C)yours obediently D)All the above
16.I want to___a ticket to Delhi and buy a____there
A)buk,book B)book,book C)buy,note D)book,buk
17.I had___the______
A)seen,seen B)scene,seen C)seen,scene D)scene,see
18.You must____to check your____
A)wait,wait B)weight ,white C)wait,weight D)weight,wait
19.We must watch the___forecast to know ___it will rain or not.
A)wether,weather B)wether,wether c)weather,wether D)none
20.your____is more important than your___
A)presentation,presentation B)present,present C)presentation,present D)none
21.you take rest we will look after rest of the things
A)relax,rest B)rest,relax C)relax,remaining d)none

                                                                 ALL THE BEST—BHEESHMA TET---GINGEE

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